Monday, July 18, 2005


This weekend, while Scott was camping among friends and plague squirrels, the kids and I were busy. We are obsessively listening to the new Harry Potter book on cd. (we're almost done with it). We had dinner and mad libs with friends on Friday night. We were trying to stay up for the Harry Potter book release party, but we decided against it when we saw the crowds.

Saturday was the Girls Girls Girls show at Free Mind, which I already talked about, and Sunday, while they were with their dad, I went to my friend Art's art show in Sebastopol. I love his stuff. He's the most prolific artist that I know. Maybe it's a tie between him and Todd.

Today I was all spun around with so many ideas to work on. Discipline is a definite problem of mine. Monday is my major work day, the kids are with their dad until 8pm, so I have all day long with no other responsibilities. Sometimes it's tricky to decide what to concentrate on because I have so many things going on.

First there is survival income which I get by selling things on ebay. Lately it's boring designer clothing. And then comes producing art for my two October shows, keeping the house clean, and starting my business, and figuring stuff out regarding my "career" as an artist (yikes). Not to mention parenting my sweet children.

I've also decided to try for a grant that my friend Krista told me about, and I'm making stuff for Martina's upcoming fashion themed art show at Moxie. I'll be making jewelry and bags and accessories and also painted shoes! Art had the idea to make painted shoes and do a group show, he made some shoes that are completely incredible. I wish that I had taken a photo of them. I made one pair of them today.

I don't think that these are finished yet. I might do some more work on them tomorrow. I should have taken a before photo! They were gold lame' high heels. So yeah, lots going on, but it's all good.


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i like these shoes!

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