Thursday, August 18, 2005

be calm

I am soooo excited about this mini vacation. The day is probably going to crawl by today. I'm looking up all kinds of things to do in the city. There are so many choices! Scott and I seem to have the same ideas about what we'd like to do, so that's great. Museums, city wandering and exploration, taking photos,and eating in restaurants. He also seems to be willing to go and partake of some nightlife. I wasn't sure, because he generally doesn't seem to enjoy it (he doesn't drink and he doesn't dance), but I think we'll find something to do that will be fun, maybe hear a band or some stand up comedy. My sweet ex-sister in law Sarah is going to be in town, so I'm hoping that she will come down and see us. Maybe Jon too.

I'm not going to bring my computer and Scott said no projects either...that's hard! How can I watch tv in a hotel room with no projects?!?! I did make a new sketchbook to bring along.

Also I'm picking up my new camera tomorrow morning on the way to the city. I almost got a great deal on a Canon Digital Rebel, but the only one left was the floor model and they couldn't get it to work, and it was non returnable, and had fingerprints all over the mirror inside and I had to say no. I'd love to have a digital SLR, because I really do love photography and I'm so covetous of Scotts Nikon D70. I ended up buying a Sony CyberShot DSC-W5. We'll see how it compares to my old one (I don't expect it to compare well to the D70).

Oh, and speaking of electronics and consumerism, look at this.


Anonymous jacquie said...

HAVE A Great time! I sometimes vacate to SF as well.
FYI on the comedy: I had actually seem some good comedy at the Hemlock Lounge. It is near Polk and Fulton area.


7:26 AM  

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